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This Thanksgiving, Follow Your Recipes Hands-Free

New app allows users to voice-enable internet recipes

WILMINGTON, Dele., November 19, 2020 – Following a recipe is one of the most frustrating parts of cooking.  Common annoyances include having to look back-and-forth at the recipe to read the next step or ingredient and having to constantly unlock the phone with messy hands.

Why can’t our phone read us our recipes? Well, now it can!

Voicipe, a voice-controlled recipe app, lets you voice-enable internet recipes and allows you to cook an entire meal without ever looking at your phone or recipe.  Available now and free to download and use on Android, you can now focus on cooking and enjoy the “voice cooking” experience.  iPhone users can join the waitlist on the Voicipe website to be the first users.

Initial users rave about Voicipe.  “This app is genius!”, “Hands-free is awesome”, and “I loved it.  It was like having my Momma in the kitchen with me” are a few testimonials from early testers.

With Thanksgiving approaching next week, Voicipe may help you in the kitchen.  They have a list of 20 popular Thanksgiving meals from sites like New York Times, Food Network and Betty Crocker, and they’re all voice-ready.  Simply launch, speak, and cook.

Founded in 2017, Voicipe has been building the best “voice cooking” app with the sole mission of making cooking fun, fast, and easy.  In 2019 Voicipe was nominated for “Best Conversational Design” at the Voice Summit conference.  For more information visit

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