Cook Hands Free

Save time and avoid touching your phone with food on your hands, by following recipes with your voice!

Voice-enable 1000s of recipes

Voicipe allows you to make an internet recipe a voice recipe!
Thousands of the internet’s best recipe platforms and food blogs are supported by Voicipe.

“What’s Next?”

“How much olive oil?”

No need to look back-and-forth at the recipe or touch your phone with food on your hands. Voicipe let’s you prep and cook with voice commands, just like a friend reading you the recipe, at your pace.

How does it work?

Find your recipe

Browse internet recipes to find
the one you want and start cooking!

Follow recipe hands-free

Have ingredients and directions read to
you using simple voice commands.

Its that simple.

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Try Voicipe

Keep your phone free of dirty hands and start cooking with your voice!