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Voicipe Voice Recipe Reader App

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Eliminate Recipe Stress

🔍 tiny text,
↕️ scrolling,
📴 phone turning off,
🤔 losing your place in the recipe,
🖐️ touching phone w/dirty hands

Why are we still following recipes the old way?

It’s time we modernize the recipe process itself – with voice🗣️🎙️.

Voicipe makes the cooking process smooth, enjoyable, and hassle-free.

Voicipe adds hands-free voice navigation to recipes, directly from your phone.

Voicipe’s Powerful Voice-First Recipe Reader Features:


Intelligent Recipe
Search Engine

Recipe View

Recipe Keeper
and Organizer

Hands-Free Ingredient Gathering & Measuring

Recipe Steps

Hands-Free Timers

1-click Voice Enabling
1,000+ Top Recipe Sites

No Wake Words:
Natural Voice Commands

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