What is Voice Cooking?

The term “Voice Cooking” is the entire cooking process from start-to-end following a recipe entirely hands-free. We think it’s easier and more accurate than saying, “hands-free-cooking.”

Voice Cooking allows a user to focus on cooking, rather than having to refer-back to the recipe card, book, or phone countless times.

No more common cooking frustrations:

  • Having to look back-and-forth at your phone and re-reading the same steps over-and-over
  • Having to touch your phone screen with dirty hands
  • Having your phone screen turn off or lock mid-cook

What is Voicipe?

Voicipe is a voice-controlled recipe reading app that lets you focus on cooking.

The word “Voicipe” is derived from the words “Voice” and “Recipe” to convey our commitment to the Voice Cooking ideal.

Our mission is to make cooking fun, fast, and easy, by letting you focus on cooking, not the recipe.

Voicipe focuses on providing the absolute best Voice User Experience (VUX). With our implementation, you can cook an entire meal without even looking at your phone. Instead of building just another phone recipe app that focuses on the screen, we combined the latest phone, cloud, and voice technologies to bring a world-class voice cooking app.

In-fact, we’re the ONLY voice cooking application that has the word “Voice” in our name!!

What can Voicipe do?

Voicipe allows you navigate the entire recipe ingredients and instructions completely hands-free.

  • Read me the ingredients
  • How much “Milk”?
  • How many “Eggs”?
  • Read me the instructions
  • What’s Next?
  • Repeat that?
  • Go Back
  • Start [step 5] timer

How does Voicipe work?

Go check out our video on our How it Works page to watch a quick video of how easy it is to Search, Load, and Voice-Activate your recipe.

Where can I get Voicipe?

Check out our Download page!