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Voicipe Supports Copy Me That!

Your entire recipe collection, voice-enabled.

What is Copy Me That?

Copy Me That is an app that helps users save, manage, and plan recipes.

  • Recipe clipper: users can copy and save any recipe from any website.
  • Recipe manager: users can easily edit and organize their saved recipes for future use.
  • Meal planner: users can create a weekly and monthly meal plan using recipes they’ve previously saved.
  • Shopping list: automatically creates a list of needed ingredients based on that week’s meal plan.

Why is Voicipe supporting Copy Me That?

Voicipe Believes: Cooking should be fun, fast, and easy.

Voicipe’s Mission: Allow users to focus on cooking, by following recipes with their voice.

Users of Copy Me That now benefit by having all their saved recipes now be voice-enabled, allowing them to focus on cooking on all of their recipes!

How do I voice-enable my recipes in Copy Me That?

1) Open the Voicipe app

Let’s get started!

2) Open Copy Me That within Voicipe

From the main Voicipe screen, click the Copy Me That icon.

Copy Me That logo

This will navigate you to the Copy Me That login screen.

3) Login to Copy Me That

The Copy Me That mobile friendly website will load in Voicipe’s browser.

Type in your username and password and then login.

(Voicipe does NOT save any of your personal login information.)


4) Navigate to “My Recipes”

Once successfully logged into your account in Copy Me That, go to “My Recipes” to see your recipe collection.

5) Open a saved recipe

Once you see your recipe collection, select any recipe to continue.

6) Press “Load Recipe”

After you press Start Cooking, you can use any of these supported voice commands.

6) Press “Voice-enable”

Lastly, press the “Voice-enable” button to start cooking hands-free using Voicipe’s voice control.





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