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Hands-Free Cooking

Save time and make cooking fun, by following recipes with your voice!

Over 50,000 voice-enabled recipes!

Voicipe allows you to make any internet recipe a voice recipe!

Over 200 of the internet’s best recipe platforms are supported by Voicipe.

“What’s Next?”

“How much olive oil?”

Just like if your friend read you the recipe: 
At your pace, and using natural commands.

Copy Me That logoCopy Me That Supported!

Copy Me That is a popular internet recipe manager that lets users save a recipe from any recipe website to their personal recipe collection.

If you’re a Copy Me That user, ALL of your saved recipes are now voice recipes!

How does it work?

Find your recipe

Browse internet and meal kit recipes.
Find the one you want and start cooking!

Follow recipe hands-free

Have ingredients and directions read to
you using simple voice commands.

Its that simple.

Try Voicipe yourself!